and the upper Cervo Valley

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Rosazza and the upper
Cervo valley
Rosazza is a village of ninety inhabitants, hosting art and buildings of cultural and religious interest, all of which recall and lead back to Federico Rosazza, senator and mason who contributed to transform the rural village into a unique hamlet rich history and peculiar anecdotes. Not far from the village, the Sanctuary dedicated to San Giovanni of Andorno, with its church and library, is a perfect example of an alpine sanctuary surrounded by a lush green landscape. From Piedicavallo, a little further north, stem many trekking and hiking trails: easy walks for families or more challenging feats that connect with the nearby Aosta Valley and Valsesia. Montesinaro is the last hamlet within the valley, clinging to the slopes that dive into the Cervo. Hosting several mountain refuges, huts and bivouacs, the area is the perfect match for any hiking experience immersed in nature.

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